Real Talk About Reload Training

Recently, the handsomer of the Modern Outdoor Adventures Dudes, was asked about the  importance or lack thereof surrounding reload practice for defensive use.

More specifically, the question was, “Do I really need to have a social media worthy reload/mag change speed in a real world defensive situation?”

Truthfully… the answer is probably not.

Do reloads happen often in fights? Statistically no. Sure, you can come up with an outlier story, and show that it was a critical need somewhere, but you could say the same of other uncommon needs like racking a slide off a shoe, or clearing a stovepipe with your weak hand, while inverted: someone will have one story where it made a huge difference and spin it off into a belief that everyone needs to master it “just in case.”

In our humble opinion though, reloads are one of those skills that even if you don’t ever need it, you have plenty of opportunity to practice: so why not be the best at it? Unless you have a Hollywood gun with infinite bullets, you’re going to reload during practice anyway… and if you’re got to do it, you might as well learn to do it as properly and effectively as you can. Why waste the training opportunity when putting bullets in your gun?

You may not need an Instagram worthy reload, but since you’ll be reloading a lot anyway when you’re on the range shooting, do it right and try to do it better each time.



Post Script:

To see some fantastic shooters, nay, artists that put in the work, visit:






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