Apex Tactical Trigger For Glock

So you want to upgrade your stock Glock trigger, but with the myriad of choices available you don’t know where to begin?

Zev, Agency, Apex, Orange County Customs, CMC (coming soon we hear…) the list can be overwhelming!
Trust us, you are not alone…

With drop in offerings from what seems like hundreds of companies, the search for a safe and reliable Glock factory replacement trigger, that has significant performance improvements can be daunting.

Luckily for you, the MOA dudes decided to test out one of these offerings from Apex Tactical, to give you our impressions of their Glock trigger enhancement.


Here’s the skinny on the trigger directly from Apex:

The Glock Action Enhancement Trigger, with Gen 3 Factory Trigger Bar, is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and reduces overall trigger travel while providing smooth uptake and reset with a crisp trigger break. When paired with the Apex Glock Ultimate Safety Plunger, an even smoother trigger uptake can be achieved.

Expected Results

– Direct drop-in replacement of factory polymer trigger

– Reduces trigger over travel and reset distance

– Smooth uptake and reset

– Crisp trigger break

– Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values

Applicable To What Gun(s)

For use in the following Glock model pistols (including Gen 4 versions): G17, G17L, G19, G22, G23, G24, G26, G27, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35, G37, G38, G39

In The Package

1 ea. Apex Glock Action Enhancement Trigger w/ Gen 3 Factory Trigger Bar

Since we are always looking to push our abilities; and for any edge we can get with our guns, the MOA dudes decided to drop the coin on one of these bad boys and put it through its paces. Keep in mind that we bought this trigger (from ourselves), it was not provided by Apex for review.

Packaging and Design:

The trigger arrived quickly from Modern Outdoor Adventures (Duh), in a no frills clam-shell package. Apex did not include any stickers, patches or other swag with the purchase. This is not exactly a deal breaker, but like anyone, we always appreciate a little swag with our purchases.

The trigger is a well constructed and designed. Taking advantage of a standard Glock, Gen 3 trigger bar, the Black anodized aluminum trigger is sturdy and light. A flat face design is ergonomic and fits nicely with the design of the gun.


Apex did not provide any installation instructions with the trigger (with the exception of a disclaimer that it is recommended that it be done by a gunsmith), however their website, and the Youtubes have ample instructions for installation. Since the MOA dudes have pretty extensive experience fooling around with Glock triggers, we elected to install it ourselves. With a Glock armorers tool (HERE) installation took us about 5 minutes. This means that a competent gunsmith or Glock certified armorer could probably handle the job in one minute or less…


Initial Impressions/Function:

Dry firing the trigger provided a noticeable improvement over the stock configuration. Since we will be using this trigger on a carry gun, we did not alter any spring weights.

0-250 rounds: Trigger performed well with a smooth uptake and reset. Travel seems reduced, however MOA dude #1 didn’t have a set of calipers with him to actually measure travel distances. Reset length is greatly reduced, again this is anecdotal, but it is noticeable. Zero malfunctions with CCI Blazer 115g FMJ for all 250 rounds.

250-500 rounds: At this point the trigger is starting to feel more “broken in” of course this is a completely subjective term, however as MOA dude #1 is pretty familiar with Glock triggers in a variety of flavors, there was definitely some improvement in smoothness during this second portion of testing. Continuing with the same ammunition as before (CCI Blazer 115g FMJ) only 1 malfunction was reported during this second string of fire. Around the 400 round mark we got a stovepipe, which we’re pretty sure is not trigger related.

The flat trigger face definitely improved ergonomics and fatigue reduction, this seemed to contribute to better follow up shots and faster split times. We didn’t clock these with a shot timer, however as we continue to review this trigger system we will include some actual shot time data.


Overall this is a very nice trigger that MOA is going to give a stamp of approval for carry use. Solid construction, better ergonomics, and a reliable safety combine to make this a trigger that MOA dude #1 has no problem keeping in his carry gun. While we have certainly shot “better” factory aftermarket triggers… (Agency, Zev) for the price you really cant beat what you are getting.

While we would have liked to see some swag, etc… included with the trigger, it’s not a deal breaker and the $99.00 price tag just cant be beat.

So, If you are looking for an excellent upgrade to your Glock 9mm and dont know where to begin, might we suggest the Glock Action Enhancement Trigger from Apex Tactical. You will not be disappointed.

Get out there and get to adventuring…

The MOA dudes.


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