CJP Custom Concealment

If you are anything like us (we hope you are, because we are awesome) you more than likely have a bin/box/bag that looks like a boneyard for old holsters.

Rough estimation between the MOA dudes is that between us we have +/- three thousand holsters in various configurations tucked away…

It’s only hoarding if A&E shows up…

All kidding aside, if you carry a gun reliably (which you should) you will find that selecting a holster that works for your particular gun, and particular carry situation can be a daunting task.

At Modern Outdoor Adventures we carry a huge selection of “off the shelf” holsters by some of the industries top manufacturers.

Stealth Operator

Black Point Tactical

Raven Concealment Systems


Blade Tech

Just to name a few…

While we would LOVE your business at Modern Outdoor Adventures (seriously, go buy something), we also understand that sometimes, life demands more complicated solutions than stock components are able to provide.

Enter our amazing friend Chris Payne, of White GA. Chris runs a custom Kydex bending business known to some of the finest shooters in the 2A community: CJP Custom Concealment

CJP Custom Concealment offerings ready to ship

(MOA Dude #1) I trust CJP so much, that as this riveting blog post is being written, I can look down and see a CJP Custom AIWB emblazoned with David Bowie’s face (more on that later) peeking out of my jeans.

Chris’ livelihood is building C-130’s, and as such, his level of technical expertise, his problem solving abilities, and his knack for design, have made his holsters our first choice for when a stock holster wont cut it.

Have a wacky gun you carry? A gun with a weapon mounted light that you can’t find a stock option for? How about a fixed blade knife you want to wear with a pair of yoga pants (we’re not judging)? A competition 3 gun rig? A custom kydex solution for your favorite potassium rich fruit? So far we haven’t seen a limit to problems that CJP Custom Concealment cant solve with kydex and heat.

So what makes CJP Custom Concealment different from the hundreds, nay thousands of other folks making kydex holsters? I’m glad you asked:

1: The Pocket Clip

Hashtag: blessed

If you carry a firearm, you should be carrying a backup magazine. It’s that simple. Bullets are a finite resource, and if you are ever in a situation where you need to use them we can assure you that you want as many as you can carry.

The Pocket Clip is a design that CJP has spent extensive time and research perfecting. It allows the user to carry a loaded back-up magazine in their strong hand or support hand pocket securely. It’s unobtrusive design reduces magazine printing, keeps the magazine secure, and is not as obvious as a belt mounted magazine holder.

To be perfectly frank, this is the best $20 you will spend on EDC (ever day carry) if you are a concealed carrier… We not only heartily endorse this product, we’ve got it in every color Chris offers (and some he doesn’t).

2: Customization & Customer Service

You are only limited by your imagination…and budget.

Dealing with CJP Custom Concealment couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is give them a follow on the old Facebook.com and call or send Chris a message to order. Prices are dependent on the work you want done (with the exception of Pocket Clips) and color options are extensive.

Chris is super easy to deal with, and a pleasure to talk to (not a pleasure to be facing off against in a SIMS class, dude will light you up…trust us), these factors combined with his technical knowledge building freaking airplanes means often a simple description of what you want built is enough to get it roughed out. The MOA Dudes have had entire competition rigs build by Chris over a few Facebook messenger conversations… It’s that easy.

Turnaround is lightning fast, and since CJP is run by a consummate perfectionist, fit and finish is superb.

Did we mention David Bowie Earlier? Of course we did. One of the coolest things about CJP Custom Concealment is his ability to have images printed on kydex sheets, and then have your custom options created out of your “custom kydex”.

Ziggy played guitar…He also shot IDPA

Theoretically, if you wanted a holster with George Jefferson on it, or a knife sheath featuring a unicorn Chris can have it done up for you (with a slightly extended lead time of course…). You are truly only limited by your imagination and wallet.

3: The Banana Holster

Stay with us on this one… Bananas are nature’s most perfect food. Nutritious, tasty, individually wrapped in their own biodegradable wrapper… Bananas are king.

Based on the request of MOA Dude#1 who wanted a hilarious kydex solution for his  Musa acuminata CJP sent us this beauty:

“Cue Singing Angels”


Yes, that’s a kydex banana holster.

Yes, we know it’s amazing.

Yes, Chris is a mad genius.

If you still aren’t convinced, we cant help you.

So, if you are in the market for a great holster for a wide variety of guns, visit our website Modern Outdoor Adventures

If you are looking for a more custom solution than we offer, give Chris Payne of CJP Custom Concealment a look. You wont be disappointed.


Drop us a line if you have any questions, the MOA dudes are always here to help.

Remember to visit the webpage, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay on top of our ramblings.

Get out there and do some adventuring,

The MOA Dudes.


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